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The English Market

The English Market

Looking for fresh locally sourced produce for your stay in Cork? You need go no further than the English Market. Located in the centre of Cork city you can access it from a number of streets including the Grand Parade, Patrick Street, Princes Street and Oliver Plunkett Street.


History of the English Market

One of the jewels of Cork City, the English Market has had a long history in Cork. The market which was originally known as the “Root Market” with its entrance on Princes Street first opened on August 1 1788. As the market gained in popularity, the Corporation decided in the 1860’s to redevelop it. Sir John Benson, an architect who designed many well known buildings in Cork including the Cork Butter Museum, the Old Opera House and the Waterworks was commissioned to redesign the market. The refurbished Princes Street Market was opened in 1868 and within fifteen years was further extended with the opening of the Grand Parade Market. For a full one hundred years, the English Market as it locally had become known, supplied the people of Cork with fresh and locally produced products.

On June 20, 1980 fire badly damaged the Princes Street section of the market. After the 1980 fire, the Corporation began rebuilding the damaged portion of the market and went to great lengths to preserve as much of the original design of the market as possible. The market was again considerably damaged by fire on 6 January 1986, which resulted in another major reconstruction scheme.


Foods Available at the English Market

Today the English Market is thriving and features a greater diversity of food products than ever before. So while Cork specialities such as drisheen (a type of black pudding), tripe (the lining of a cow or sheep's stomach) and crubeen (pigs feet) are available, the market also offers a wide range of contemporary products such as cheese, olives, pasta, wine, herbs and spices. Not to be missed are the fantastic and mouth watering meat, fresh fish, organic fruit and vegetable displays.

When all your shopping is done, head upstairs to the Farmgate Café, a must for any visitor to Cork. Sit back, relax, and sample the food all which has been freshly prepared in the English Market. Menus depend on what is available in the English Market each day and you are guaranteed to eat delicious and locally-sourced produce.